Saturday, December 15, 2007

Study Abroad in LIS

Studying abroad can be an exciting part of internationalizing one's education. It costs more, and can take a bit more work, but we are interested in allowing you to take a semester overseas:

The LIS Program faculty have connections with several universities internationally, although we have not yet signed any international agreements. We helped one student to study at Kyoto University (Japan) and transferred credits from UNC-Chapel Hill's summer program (Oxford University/ Czech Republic) [Info]. Some other possibilities include:

FSU Professor (and former UH LIS Adjunct Faculty member) Nancy Everhart will offer courses in London on Multimedia Design and Production [Info]

URI Professor (and UH LIS Adjunct Faculty member) Yan Ma also offers a Seminar in Chinese Librarianship.

The University of Maryland has a program in Nicaragua (January 2009)

To help you plan, you might review T.D. Wilson's "World list of schools and departments of information science, information management and related disciplines," although you should recall that many of the schools listed define LIS quite differently from how ALA does. Some of these schools also only offer undergraduate offerings, which cannot be transferred.

As always, you should get approval on plans with your adviser since there are limits on the number of credits transferred from outside UH-LIS, and because we want to help you plan a meaningful degree.


Dr. Drew said...

copied from an e-mail:

Aloha Students,

Last May, I had the unique opportunity to travel to Oxford, England and participate in the “Libraries and Librarianship: Past, Present and Future” seminar hosted by Oxford University and University of North Carolina's School of Information and Library Science. It was an amazing experience to study the history of librarianship and visit notable sites like the Bodleian Library, Oxford University Press, and the British Library and to be immersed in British culture for two weeks. The 2008 program runs from May 11 - May 24 and if any of you are considering the program or have signed up and have any questions, feel free to contact me. I know this comes with short notice, but I really encourage those of you interested to sign up - if I could do it again, I would!

For more information visit:

Also, if any of you are interested in the UNC Prague program, let me know and I can put you in touch with UH LIS graduates who attended.


Carrie Ann Young
UH LIS Class of 2007

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