Wednesday, May 02, 2007

First Time to Come to Campus?

I'm posting directions and links here on the blog since I'm always looking up these links. I hope they can be of help to you as you come to campus for the first time.

Finding LIS on Campus

The LIS Program is in temporary quarters for at least another two years. Faculty have offices in the Pacific Ocean Science & Technology (POST) Building.

We're on the 3rd floor as part of the Information & Computer Sciences Department.

Many of our offices are located in corridors off this main hallway. My office, for example, is in Room 303G. The main LIS Office is in 303A.

There is an interactive campus map online.

Our main classroom is in Bilger Hall Room 319 (do not confuse it with the Bilger Annex, although you can enter from that building, which has a nicer elevator). Our HITS classes are in Kuykendall Hall 2nd floor. Other classes might be in Hamilton Library or other buildings on campus (check the schedule).

Coming to Campus

The university is located in Manoa, which is a neighborhood in Honolulu. Parking is very competitive, especially when classes are in session. Many students, faculty and staff commute, so drivers might have to spend a good amount of time searching for a parking space. Those of you determined to drive should consult the UH Parking website for maps and other details. It costs $3 to park in any lot. Most lots are zoned, although some are not resticted after 4:00, although you still have to pay the fee. There is one such lot just behind POST. Parking is usually free on Sundays.

Campus also runs free shuttles on weekdays during the fall and spring semester to some places like Faculty Housing, the Institute for Astronomy, the Manoa Innovation Center, Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii, etc. Some people find parking near a shuttle stop (competitive) and then take the shuttle. Your car may be towed if you leave your car in the Manoa Marketplace or another mall.

There are bike lanes and bike parking spaces all over campus, but be sure to lock up your bike.

Many of us take the Bus (TEL: 848-5555) to campus. Fares are $2 with 1 free transfer within 2 hours. Several busses also come to UH Manoa, including: #4 (from Waikiki), #6 [exit at Law School or East-West Center], #18 from Ala Moana, and the City Express [A].

If this will be your first time to campus, please make an appointment with the LIS Program since faculty do a lot of work at home. This is especially the case over summer or breaks when faculty do research at home or abroad.

Coming from a Neighbor Island:

Unless you are a good swimmer (just kidding!), you'll need to take Hawiian Airlines, or Go! Airlines. You can sometimes find specials at a travel agent like Panda Travel (Hawaii specialists) or STA Travel (student travel).

Coming from the Continent or Abroad:

If you are coming from further away, Honolulu International (HNL) [map] is served by many airlines, so you might want to shop around. You can sometimes find specials at a travel agent like Panda Travel (Hawaii specialists) or STA Travel (student travel). The Honolulu Advertiser has a Sunday travel section with some specials.

Between Campus and the Airport:

The airport operates a good website with ground transport information.

The cheapest way to get around is the bus, but it is not like light rail (we do have bad traffic jams in the morning and 2:30-6:30 pm). Fare is $2 one-way, and be sure to get a free transfer when you board. From the Airport:

  • Take #19 WAIKIKI or #20 WAIKIKI,
  • Get off at King & Punchbowl (near the Hawaii State Library),
  • Transfer to the: A Express or the #4 UNIV/WAIKIKI. Either will take you to campus.

  • You could also take a private Waikiki Shuttle, then get off at a hotel near Kuhio Ave. and take the #4 to campus. (I imagine the shuttle would be fastest to Waikiki, for around $10. The city bus would be another $2.)

  • A taxi might cost you around $25-30 each way.

  • A car rental would cost much more, especially once you add gas, parking fees. Dr iving in Hawaii -- and finding parking is a challenge, so why not enjoy public transit.

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